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Tartan Kilts

Tartan is the main symbol of Scottish heritage. people of different clans have their own tartan pattern. People wear their family clan with great pride and honor. Tartan Kilts are stitched with great care using one the best woolen material for these kilts. We have both simple traditional tartan kilts and utility kilt style.

Some people want to wear their heritage during work so utility kilt style tartans are for them. Wear you tartan fabric where ever you go and stand tall and proud.

In our wide range of tartan clan fabric we made sure that no one is left behind. In clan tartan we have, Black Stewart, Blackwatch, Buchanan, Cameron Ancient, Campbell, Freedom, Gordon, Hamilton Grey, Gunn Tartan, MacGregor, Mackenzie, MacPherson, McDonald, Modern Gunn Tartan, Plain Black, Ramsay Blue, Rob Roy, Saffron, Scottish National, Macleod of Lewis, Tara Murphy, and Thompson Camel  Tartan.